The time is ripe for new sales methods. With Salisto, your sales force changes direction: from push to pull. This is how sellers become purchasing advisors. And best of all: Salisto is ready-to-use and yet highly individual.

Get to know SalistoWith Salisto, we have developed a model that integrates your online and offline sales activities. Based on defined products and target groups, campaigns are derived and displayed in the Salisto staircase. This is how you successfully achieve your sales goals.Read more
Manage multi-channel distributionDie Herausforderungen im B2B-Vertriebskanal-Management sind vielfältig. Die Komplexität stellt für viele mittelständische Unternehmen eine große Hürde dar. Der Wunsch nach einem “fertigen System”, das genutzt werden kann, ist groß. Hier setzt das Salisto-Modell an und schafft pragmatische Lösungen.Read more
Let your website do the sellingA corporate website has long ceased to be a brochure posted on the Internet. Instead, your online presence is a 24/7 sales representative who identifies potential customers around the clock and suggests the right solutions, right through to contract initiation.Read more

Sales strategy: why cramer müller & partner?



You bring consultants into your company who have been accompanying a large number of medium-sized companies in sales issues for many years.


You can ask us practically anything about strategy and sales topics. For other topics, we are happy to recommend suitable colleagues.


You can count on it: If there is a shortcut to your project success, we will find it for you.


You work with consultants who also develop their own digital products. And who can assess digitisation projects.


You appreciate one-stop shopping? Thanks to our strong network, we don't leave you alone with questions outside the sales department.


You trust entrepreneurs who integrate themselves into your value chains and, if it suits you, take risks as well.


You are 100% convinced of us after the Phase Alpha day workshop. Or you pay 0€.

Die Ergebnisse des 51. cm&p-Caravaning-Branchenbarometers sind ab sofort verfügbar20200707094515

Die Ergebnisse des 51. cm&p-Caravaning-Branchenbarometers sind ab sofort verfügbar

7. July 2020
Die Ergebnisse des 51. cm&p-Caravaning-Branchenbarometers sind ab sofort verfügbarDie Befragungsrunde des 51. cm&p-Ca...
Die Befragungsrunde für das 51. cm&p-Caravaning-Barometer ist gestartet20200619135702

Die Befragungsrunde für das 51. cm&p-Caravaning-Barometer ist gestartet

19. June 2020
Bereits zum 51. Mal führen wir unsere Befragung zur aktuellen Lage im Caravaning-Handel durch. Die Umfrage läuft noch bis zum...
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bbi-Digital-Baustein 3

9. June 2020
bbi-Digital-Baustein 3Daten: Die Digitalisierung benötigt Daten wie der Fisch das WasserOhne Daten funktioniert Digitalisieru...