MyNetcompass starts where your CRM ends: We provide you with all the information about your sales partners in one place. No more searching, no more asking. Active partner management instead. This is how the sales network management of the future will look like.

Develop distribution networksWhich methods are available for a structured development of your sales network? How do you interlink dealer network and dealer development? Why are target maps so important? What are heat maps and how do you carry out white spot analyses? Read more about this in our e-book.Read more
Prepare new sales dataThe prerequisite for optimizing your sales activities is the collection, structuring and evaluation of all relevant data. We provide you with a qualitative and quantitative overview of your sales network so that you can actively control and optimize it.Read more
Effectuation - results are achieved quicklyIn projects, goals are first set and then the necessary means and ways are determined. At MyNetcompass, however, we follow a different path: Effectuation begins with the information available. You determine what can be mapped. This enables us to show the first results very quickly. And enrich them bit by bit.Read more

Sales strategy: why cramer müller & partner?



You bring consultants into your company who have been accompanying a large number of medium-sized companies in sales issues for many years.


You can ask us practically anything about strategy and sales topics. For other topics, we are happy to recommend suitable colleagues.


You can count on it: If there is a shortcut to your project success, we will find it for you.


You work with consultants who also develop their own digital products. And who can assess digitisation projects.


You appreciate one-stop shopping? Thanks to our strong network, we don't leave you alone with questions outside the sales department.


You trust entrepreneurs who integrate themselves into your value chains and, if it suits you, take risks as well.


You are 100% convinced of us after the Phase Alpha day workshop. Or you pay 0€.