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Market Monitoring

Do you know where your market is heading? Our Market Monitoring tool brings together all the relevant market, industry and competitive information for your company in one central location. This means that in the future, you will no longer make important decisions based on gut instinct, but on sound data.

Industry barometer

Take a look at what lasting market observation can look like: cm&p has been conducting the Caravaning Industry Barometer since 2007. Together with you, we develop ideas and concepts for what the optimal barometer can look like for your company and your industry.

Business comparisons for small and large companies

Whether you are an association, a group of associations or a chain store: If you want to know how your sales partners are performing, we will develop the right company comparison for you. Anonymous or open, online or offline, based on surveys, BWAs or annual financial statements - many things are possible. Challenge us.

Important information at a glance

With our market monitoring, you always have all relevant market information available in a single place, enabling you to better implement your sales strategy. Find out how this works in our video.

Sales strategy:
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