Managing sales

Changing markets lead to new sales channels, adjusted sales planning and, at the long end, to new sales processes.
Your operational sales management must be able to map all this. Our know-how helps you to keep your company on course.

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Attractive margins for your partnersDo you sell your products through sales partners, e.g. dealers or importers? Then you need an intelligent margin and incentive system. A modular structure. With exactly the components with which you motivate and control your sales partners in the best possible way - without giving up too much revenue.Read more
Fair remuneration for good employeesHunter or Farmer? Quantity- or margin-oriented distribution? Duration from first contact to conclusion of contract? High or low cancellation rates? Every industry has its own rules, which must be reflected in the remuneration system for your sales staff. Otherwise it will come to a standstill in sales.Read more

Sales strategy: why cramer müller & partner?



You bring consultants into your company who have been accompanying a large number of medium-sized companies in sales issues for many years.


You can ask us practically anything about strategy and sales topics. For other topics, we are happy to recommend suitable colleagues.


You can count on it: If there is a shortcut to your project success, we will find it for you.


You work with consultants who also develop their own digital products. And who can assess digitisation projects.


You appreciate one-stop shopping? Thanks to our strong network, we don't leave you alone with questions outside the sales department.


You trust entrepreneurs who integrate themselves into your value chains and, if it suits you, take risks as well.


You are 100% convinced of us after the Phase Alpha day workshop. Or you pay 0€.